miercuri, 21 octombrie 2015

Clash Of Clans MAX Town Hall

A couple of weeks ago I brought you Smite analysis for computer. Now that the game has finally come out for Xbox One, it is time to give you a helping hand and tell you what you need to know to become a true God of sand. On the other hand, if you see that mythology is not yours and that you prefer more a simple and mortal champion, don't forget that you have a guide with the first steps in League of Legends. Well, after this brief introduction, let's mess.

Smite is a game difficult in the sense that needs some extra effort from those who come from more classical MOBAs. This Hi-Rez game controls mixed system WASD with the traditional in the genre, creating a unique gameplay. Probably, and surprisingly, the level of difficulty involving these controls will depend on the player and if the version is for computer or remote control (still think that this MOBA is made to console), so I'm not going to spend much more to that. Focus on the game itself, its characters and their ways.

First contact
The main difference between League of Legends and Smite is that the latter leaves us more freedom in it comes to game modes. The MOBA of Riot blocks other scenarios until we go up in level, while Hi-Rez Studios us the release everyone there, no Vaseline. Let's do a quick overview of these mythological modes, which I already tried in the analysis:

Siege: Two teams of four players fight in two lanes with a jungle in the middle. A mode centered on destroying structures enemy.
Arena: Five players per team fight in a circular stage and they should watch for a counter, 500 points, a way of life.
Assault and conquest: conquest is the 'standard' mode of life. Two teams of 5, with two bases and three streets. The objective: destroy the Centre of the enemy. Assault comes to the same thing, but with a single Street and randomly chosen champions.
Fair: It's a three on three with a single Street and the jungle to the sides
clash of clans gems
While it is true that theirs would be to start with the standard mode, which is more logical, I think that in Smite you'll find it easier to understand your character and the mechanics to take into account in a smaller map and fewer enemies. For this reason, I recommend to start with the fair, though the jungle at the sides can liarte a bit at the beginning.

Once a little more connected with the world of gods, jungles, birds of fire and Titans of Smite, can risk with the rest of the modes. I would leave the Arena for the final mode, as it is that, say, it has less to do with the rest. Besides that there comes a time that can become insane, and we don't want to frustrate us good to first die too.

Empire: Four Kingdoms is another one of many management games that will allow us to take control of the realm and defend us from attacks from the enemy while we increase our power and wealth. To organize ourselves a little and catch the trick as soon as possible, we leave you some tips that will make your game more bearable.

Carry out quests and Adventures: an important part of the game is to carry out as many quests as you can, especially in the beginning. Try to go fast to unlock so many commodities such as gold, jewels and objects. It is a good time, since it is possible that at first well you not very play and they will be more focused missions to the tutorial. Keep in mind that at lower levels you will be faster and easier to get Ruby and raw materials.
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Frequently raise: OK you centréis in missions, but there are other aspects to which attention and that will be highly profitable. One of them is the collection of taxes, so make sure that you do it frequently. Taxes are one of the most important revenue sources. Note also that you must collect gold in a small period of time. Every so often a percentage of it will disappear and you'll have to wait hours to replace it. It is possible to also use the rubies to recover the lost gold.

Increase productivity: raise taxes is important for our coffers, but we must also pay attention to productivity. If you look on the bar which includes information about raw materials, you will see an option called "Public order", where paragraph productivity. To increase the productivity of citizens you should buy elements of scenery and keep citizens safe. If you join much the houses, one next to each other, we will obtain more revenue but increase the chaos and decrease productivity. You can also build defenses to make villagers feel more confident and not afraid to attack.